Sebastian and Evie

photo 2You already know that Sebastian loves to write thank you notes, and collect silly things like frozen bubbles. Did you know, he is also a big brother? This is his little sister Evie. Evie is an itty bitty thing, barely 2 inches tall. Though she is quite sensitive about her size, so best not to mention it!

photo 1

They love to play make believe, weaving long tales and silly stories.

photo 2

When Evie is sad ( sometimes it’s hard to be so small), Sebastian is always there with a hug. He also knows, that the fastest way to cheer her up is a good game of hide and seek!photo 3

He counts to ten ( the mouse house is quite small) and says ready or not… I come!

photo 1

He even pretends that he does not hear her giggle. Evie gets so excited, she just can’t keep it in!

photo 4


photo 4

All that running around and giggling can be quite exhausting, especially for a mouse so small.

photo 5

So now, little Evie, it’s nap time for you.

Sweet Dreams little one.

photo 1

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Evie. Even now she is sitting on my shoulder, asking me to tell this story or that.

If she has her way, you will be hearing more about her adventures soon!

Thank you for stopping by.




9 thoughts on “Sebastian and Evie

  1. Evie and Seb are such a delight – they always make me smile … *sprinkles faerie dust* Just had to stop by and make sure you’re all staying warm? 🙂
    ps- i have a new blog url and new look 🙂

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